Sunday, November 18, 2007

Let Me Introduce to you...

America's First BCU Level 5 Sea Kayak Coach

Jen Kleck

Unfortunately that's all I can give you for now (but I was sure you would want to know).

The only Internet connection for ~20 miles is here in the Clachaig Inn and has a phone modem connection. Worse it has prevented me from inserting a USB thumb drive to transfer three days of journal writings and a plethora of photos. I promise to do that once we get back to Steve's house Monday evening.

Unfortunately Steve did not pass and that has been the focus of much discussion at our chateau. Additionally none of the canoe Assessees passed, white water Assessees had not yet returned to the center before we left so we didn't get their results.

So look for lots of text and pictures in 24 hours. See you back in San Diego late Tuesday.

Regards - Thom


berto said...

Congrats Jen!!!!!

Chris Griffith said...

Was down at the shop when I heard the news. CONGRATS!!!! Hang in there Steve, it took two tries for my 3 star..:)

Jake said...

Way to go Jen! I never saw anyone want something so bad. You earned it.

Lynn S said...

It is the creme de la creme. It is the exquisite moment of living. Nothing will ever top it..sorry Jake.
So now the real work of earning it begins and the thrill of being who you are every day and every moment. Congrats Jen. I got the message..just missed it apparently. 6 a.m. in the morning is still early for me..though I was heading out toward Berkley around 7:30p. Hugs to your team for their support.

Hugs to Steve!!!

Love you all. Miss you Thom, glad you were there to support and have fun!