Friday, November 16, 2007

Pictures from throught the week

Thom here...
This being the first Internet access time for a few days I thought I would catch you up with pictures...

Jen the Falls of Lora

Steve at the Falls of Lora

Steve's Birthday party

Jen working with Brian at the Falls of Lora

Have you seen our home base yet?

Well tomorrow the Assessment starts. Wish them luck.

Regards - Thom


rowlandW said...

Good to see you all the other day - and the very best of luck to both of you for the weekend!

Jen - remember what the little green man in the swamp said...!!!! There is no try, only do!!!


Lynn S said...

Please take a pic of Thom sometime soon. I love you Jen and Brian and Steve....but Thom is there isn't he still?

berto said...

good luck Jen!!!

Jake said...

Good luck Jen and Steve. It sounds like things have been going well so far. I've got a mini bottle of scotch all ready to celebrate good news Sunday night I hope.

Have fun,