Sunday, April 22, 2007

Arival in Thurso!

Jen and Jake have finally made it to the northern most point in the mainland UK! I'm wearing a t-shirt at the moment - Thom pay close attention! Of course, it might have to do with the fact that they've turned the heat up so high to combat the cold. Really though, it's not that cold most of the time! We've only have a bit of rain and the wind is tolerable. It'll probably get much, much worse.

Our trip began Thursday at 5am in San Diego. We finally landed in Manchester, England at 7am on Friday. We then took the train to Bangor, Wales where Fiona picked us up at about noon. She took us to a beautiful slate quarry where we stretched our legs and had lamb pasties and sausage rolls for lunch. Fiona dropped us off at Justine Curgenven's house (the film maker who made "This Is The Sea I, II, and III". She VERY kindly loaned us her van and a few kayaks for our trip since she's in New Zealand at the moment. So we loaded our unbelievable amounts of crap into the van and headed into Holyhead on Anglessey where we dropped by Nigel Dennis' place to say Hi and grab one more kayak. We'll end our trip here at Nigel's symposium in about 2 weeks. Since Justine's van has a stove, etc., we shopped and parked out by South Stack on Holyhead to camp for the night. The next moring, we started driving north and made great time. We finally stopped to sleep only a couple of hours shy of Thurso so we could finish the trip in the daylight. We arrived at the northern coast about 7am Sunday morning and are getting our bearings.

We've found the van to be exceptional as far as accomodations go! Plenty of storage for all our things, a cozy bed, a stove, and would you believe it, a 12 volt "sandwich toaster" that plugs into the cigarette lighter! While I drove, Jake toasted crumpets! I think Thom under estimates our very civilized form of travel!

The coastline is beautiful and not too rough just now. I'm looking forward to paddling tomorrow, but today has been primarily driving and walking and getting to know the place a bit.

We'll have internet access almost daily, so we'll keep posting! Thanks for the comments! It's nice to know we're not alone!


Anonymous said...

Jen and Jake,

You two are like hobos!


Mike Connell said...

More like gypsies :)

Have a great trip and an amazing experience and don't you dare return sounding like a Brit.

Anonymous said...


I wanted to say "gypsies," but I thought it was politically incorrect. Thank you for saying it for me.