Monday, April 23, 2007

Post from Thom

Jen it's good to hear the weather is balmy and you are running about in a T shirt. I was having trouble stuffing all this foul weather gear into my suitcase (or is that 2 suitcases?). Your good news has me changing strategies and I have now repacked with one pair of shorts and a tank top along with two tubes of sunscreen.

The pictures are great and I noticed there aren't even whitecaps on the water. Clearly I was much more concerned about the conditions than I needed to be. In that picture of you on the bluff at Duncansby Head I don't see a hair out of place so apparently wind is not an issue either.

Any recomendations regarding how we should meet up on Friday. It's about a 6-1/2 hour drive from Edinburgh (add just a bit of time for a bite to eat). I'll depart early in order to arrive in Thurso ~mid-afternoon. You have my UK phone number, however, I have no method for contacting you. A check-in at the B&B and if possible a short time on the water to acclimate to the boat would be nice.

Regards - Thom

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Axel said...

Hi Jen, Jake and Thom,
A quick hello from Axel. Showing up with those beautiful kayaks won't be too intimidating for the assessors? Purring cats. Thinking of Eddy. Happy paddling!