Friday, April 27, 2007

Some photos!

There are many caves and slots along this stretch of coast. Very impressive! The temperature in the sun was quite warm, but in these slots, you could see your breath. Terrific numbers of birds on the cliffs too: Guillimots, razor bills, shags (like cormorants), fulmar, and a few puffins. Grey seals are common too (but lower down).
You just can't tell how big this is - you really could fit a freight train in it!

This is the tidal race that Thom talks about. The tidal swing is still within the smaller part of its range and there's no wind. In other words, this is the smallest and friendliest one is likely to find it!
Sottish highland cows. Too cool.


Sam McClatchie said...

Great photos Jen, thanks. I've sent them to a friend in New Zealand.

Lynn said...

The photos are awesome. They are so wonderful..what beatiful views and amazing the way, what is a "race"? I kept waiting to see bunches of boats and only in Jake's post did I figure out that it was a description of water...right?