Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Post From Thom

Now your most recent posting describes the Scotland I have come to know and love. For just a bit I thought maybe you two had taken the wrong turn and ended in Fiji!

Your description of the wind and waves was perfect. It's not as though the wave tops are cresting your bow and flying in your face but rather they are separated from the water surface itself and have a life and direction of their own (always in your face). After reading that post I did go out of my way to pick up that extra storm cag and squeeze it in the suitcase.

I have successfully adjusted my plans to get up to Thurso late Thursday afternoon. It meant sacrificing the Royal Gardens walkabout so I could move up my scotch conditioning dinner to Wednesday night. Sometimes one has to sacrifice! I am hoping the weather permits getting on the water Friday to help prepare for the weekend.

Well I'm off to the airport and will see you on your side of the 'pond' in a few days.

Regards - Thom

p.s. I stopped by the shop and Eddie sends his love. He's missing you and seemed to be moping about and getting a bit fatter in your absence (is that possible?). When I suggested exercise he simply rolled over to get his tummy scratched.

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Lynn said...

Scottish weather is like a woman. She changes her mind in a millisecond and dares you to be upset..just ask my husband!!! If you remember that you will have lots of fun and it sounds like you all are learning that first hand. Wish I were there and please have 2 Scotch with a drip of water for me!!! Have fun everyone!!!