Sunday, April 29, 2007


Thom's written more, but just a quick note to give you guys the results....
I did not pass. I'm disappointed, of course, but not devestated. I got lots of great feedback and know what I need to do for the next try. I think my assessors were more torn up than I was. Mike said it was one of his hardest decisions, so I was close. I'd rather pass with flying colors than squeak by and I know I will be that much better because I'll have to work hard for the next try, rather than resting on my laurels.

We're off the the Shetland Islands tomorrow, so no time to feel sorry for myself. Thanks everyone so much for your support! Don't quit reading just yet, there could be some good posts from the Shetlands!


John Else said...

Hi Jen,
Disappointing but like you said not tragic.
Enjoy the rest of your trip.


Hei-ock said...


Those EU types don't know a good thing when they see it! I'm sure if they saw you paying bills, petting Eddy, managing wayward staff, and answering questions about gear, all while improving your students' sculling brace, they'd rethink your multitasking abilities. We all know you're the best.

Brian and Hei-ock

Bea said...


You're still THE BEST...and Scotland will always bwe there. Wishing you bonnie waves, balmy weather, and brawny scotch in the Orkneuys.

Bea and Ron

nordic54 said...

hi jen, (and jake & thom)

thank you for writing and sharing your scottish paddling adventures. i've been following them keenly on this blog.

you are a fine instructor and with your admirable attitude about the result of the BIG TEST, i'm sure you will come back stronger and will eventually pass it with flying colors.

have fun paddling the shetland islands.


Mike Connell said...

Hey Jen,

Great attitude and no matter what happened you've already had a great experience. Being the first American to even attempt this is a great accomplishment and I know you're already thinking about what you need to work on to pass without any questions next time around. Enjoy the rest of your trip, have a great flight home and we'll catch up when you're back in SD. Looking forward to Arbo. :)

Mike Connnell

Anonymous said...


You're still our fave in California!

I wish I could be paddling with you, Jake and Thom over there.


Dick and Maryke Brannin said...

Jen, so sorry that you did not achieve your goal, but also glad that you are having what sounds like a wonderful trip and got so close to success. Go for it Girl!!!

Barb & Ken said...

Hi, Jen.
I think BCU should have asked for our votes because we think you're a five-star instructor! Sorry you didn't pass, but this sounds like a good way to get back to the UK for some more kayaking. See you stateside soon.

Jane Hardy said...

Jen -
Sounds like you've had a fabulous learning experience, which'll make your certification victory next year all the more sweet.
Cheers - Jane

Wes said...

Jen, (and the gang)

We're really disappointed for you, but we know you will nail it next time. Personally we think you are a great instructor and we always ask for you if we have the choice. Enjoy the rest of your trip.

Debbie and Wes

berto said...

This is not a measure of you or your abilities it is only that you didn't quite "fit." I don't need to tell you that you are a great coach and paddler, but i will.
PS: this just means you HAVE to take a nother break and paddle!
Enjoy yourself and tell the boys i say hi!

Dave Lindo said...

As many others have noted, you are a true winner in the eyes of your many friends and fellow paddlers.

The respect and admiration you have from the entire kayaking community is because your drive and ambition is a bombproof as your roll.

"When you lose, you actually learn more about yourself," Gold, Silver, and Bronze, Olympic medal winner and loser on the show The Apprentice.

You succeeded!

Regards to Jake!

OK WFR Dave (Lindo)

Clive said...

You may not recall the name of Clive, but Christine (my wife) and I placed an order an for a Nordkapp LV the week before the symposium. We are truly sorry to hear the news but we are confident you will pass 'with flying colours' next time. As a Brit who lived in Scotland for two year before coming to California (six months in a cottage on Loch Lomond, one and half on Gare Loch) I appreciate your love for my homeland. It makes me a little home sick but San Diego is not too bad!

I have confidence you will still make your goal, we all just need to help you do the same trip next year!

I look forward to seeing you and Jake on your return.


P.S Take the time to visit Rockpool, Jake when I spoke to him at the symposium had not heard of them.