Thursday, April 26, 2007

Finally in Thurso

It was a quick drive up from Edinburgh (~5-1/2 hours). The the second half of the drive runs along the North Sea often rising high above sea level with curvy roads that reminded me of Big Sur (but with rounded green scenery). The road finally turns east going up and over the moor to Thurso. Thurso is actually a small city but with an unusually small downtown. What I haven't seen mentioned yet is the fact that even this early in the year it stays light till nearly 10PM... and quite honestly it's not that cold (well at least today and it's only getting dark now).

I'm looking forward to getting on the water tomorrow and promise some photos. We have finalized our plans after studying the tide tables and have decided to start on the North Sea side at Skirza and run around Duncansby Head along the coastline pulling out at John O'Groats. A short, but I am told, spectacular paddle. Now that we have two vehicles a shuttle is possible. This will get us off the water early so Jen can get herself psyched up for her testing starting the next morning.

Regards - Thom


Lynn said...

Thom is so ready to be in the water. Despite the scotch training..its water he loves the most...a phone call connected him to his second

Axel said...

I arrived in Anglesey. The weather is georgeous here and hopefully the same in Northern Scotland? Preparing for a good weekend!

Rowland Woollven said...


ATB! Everything is crossed!!!

Axel - see you next Thursday!