Wednesday, April 25, 2007

From Jen again

I am so glad to know that I'm not the only one who immediately thinks about strippers when I hear the word "pasties"! I almost said something, but I was afraid people would think I'm strange. Just so you know, the food item is not pronounced the same as the stripper thing....the "a" is pronounced like "cat". Nevertheless, I have a hard time stiffling a giggle every time Jake talks about his mom's great pasties (sorry Lynn!).

Ok, enough of that. A steady rain and howling winds kept us in our snug bed late this morning. Our planned trip wasn't going to work out so well with 25 kts of wind, so we drove down the coast to try something else and found more magical caves and rock gardens and sea stacks. Hobbits poked their heads out from Hobbit holes and sea monsters swam past. I'll be able to download some photos off my camera when Thom arrives tomorrow, I hope. Until then, we're stuck with land photos.

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Lynn said...

So have you had "haggis" (not sure of the spelling) yet? You two have not really indulged in Scottish cuisine yet..Thom will most likely expose you to the best of Scotland food are being timid as far as I can scones in your dialogues and no tea...where do you guys eat? A McDonald's...Thom will laugh at that..when do you see him?