Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Departing Edinburgh for Thurso

Having finished my conditioning late last night here in Edinburgh with a wee dram of 28 year old Craggenmore I'm off to Thurso thoroughly insulated from the cold. Jen and Jake's postings are just too exciting to resist getting up there and on the water.

I too have checked the forecast for the Thurso area and the weather is predicted to be sunny with mild winds for Friday, similar with a few clouds on Saturday, and conditions building a bit on Sunday with heavy fog (they call it gaar - I think) possible. Generally it appears a high pressure area is moving across bringing clearer weather but cooler air temperatures (supposed to be 0 degrees tonight, brrr - think warm thoughts for Jen and Jake in their van). If you are interested, the best weather site I have found is the British Meteorological Office at

Here is a swell and surf report. As you can see the swell is currently 8 feet and dropping off for the weekend. Note the wind direction is shifting as well... seems almost similar to our santa anna inversions in San Diego (without the heat) and wind speed is generally higher than the corresponding land wind speed report (as Jen indicated in a post earlier this week).

My Scottish friends are a bit concerned with the adventure but I have assured them that Jen and Jake will bring me back and I will see them once again and no worse for wear the following weekend. They keep asking if I am aware of the water conditions up north and I nod my head and take another sip of scotch. I do have the camera cable that Jen is seeking so you should get some 'on the water' pictures from her by this evening or Friday.

Regards - Thom

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