Sunday, April 22, 2007

Jake's Castle

An early morning start today gave us time to swing by this amazing castle just before sunrise. Castles seem to be just about everywhere around here, many not as well preserved as this one.


Anonymous said...

Prince Jake?

Heck, I'd marry him!

(written after some whiskey)

Heather said...

Hey Jake,
I hope you didn't see those guys using any T-111 sidings on that castle. You'd have to give those construction guys a lecture! ;)
heather b

toni said...

I must say I agree with your words at Christmas... Jake is good lookin'!! :) I have started from the bottom of this blog and am working my way up and am so so exicted that it was passed along to me!!!! I can't wait to read how this all turns out for you!! Love and hugs... cousin Toni